Hi, I'm Cassandra.

Basically, I hate everything and I curse a lot about neopets.com

brief about me/FAQ

okay you guys so it’s time for a story:

ever since i was about twelve my father has been convinced that me + internet = up to no good (which it is) and has had spyware on all of my computers. Well he didn’t realize I know how to deactivate it, so I’ve been controlling what he sees since he started thinking he could see anything.

all i’ve shared is what i do on neopets - and i don’t even share the roleplaying on neopets parts or the neotag part. and so my dad KNOWS i’m up to no good but all he can see is me sitting on neopets playing games, me feeding my pets, and all of that. I even at one point had a facebook where pretty much all I did was document me being on neopets. (Which later was deleted from the site because I “didn’t have a valid school”.).

and this isn’t just in the past, this is up to now. even today any time i’m on neopets doing nothing that’s all he can figure out i actually do. and every now and then i text him and ask him for money and he can’t figure out where my money goes because all i do is play neopets.

hi, my name is cassandra, and my parent thinks i’m an out of control neopian.


i meant to do just one but oops my hand slipped hello 4am

anyway, happy late birthday cassandraaaaaaa ♥ 

man i haven’t drawn these babs together in ages wahhh

the important thing to realize is that bel and i are basically stage parents but can you blame us our children are so CUTE


Again, no scanner but it wouldn’t makes a difference with this atrocity


Again, no scanner but it wouldn’t makes a difference with this atrocity

my mom’s bf just asked if i would go see die antwoord with him

Changed my face. Thanks, Lou!

Changed my face. Thanks, Lou!

The hardest part about designing your own clothes is that then you actually have to make them FML.

At least I can make my birthday outfit while I wait for the piercing shop to open.

I just fell in the shower while shaving and remained unscathed. So far, I think I am the most punk rock person I have ever met.

ps i picked up a girl today and i have a date for next week AHHHH

psa it’s my 21st birthday and if anyone would like to buy me a drink i do accept paypal weeeeee